Trey Parker And Matt Stone Are Producing A Fishing Show Hosted By Members Of Ween And Primus

It’s always great when celebrities gather enough clout that they can do whatever the hell want. Were it not for the success of Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams never would have starred in Jack, and the world would have been deprived of literally threes of laughs. South Park‘s Trey Parker and Matt Stone have already achieved their passion project, a $300 million production studio, and now they’re helping Primus’ Les Claypool and Ween’s Dean Ween (that’s fun to say; it sounds like a British ambulance siren) achieve theirs, by producing a fishing show.

The ex-guitarist of the band Ween and lifelong Jersey Shore fisherman is prepping to shoot a pilot for a quirky TV series about saltwater angling. He’s going to embark on nautical adventures with fellow musician and fisherman Les Claypool of Primus.

“The show is personality-driven,” says Melchiondo, 42, a Trenton native. “The idea is to get the show on after Anthony Bourdain or Tosh.O. It’s a fishing show that you do not have to be into fishing to enjoy.”

When Melchiondo learned that the fishing show got the greenlight to shoot next month, it was a welcome bit of good news. Produced by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the series will fuse sportfishing with music and comedy, following Melchiondo and Claypool as they go out on the water with celebrity guests in different locales, including the Garden State. (Via)

You might assume this is the world’s first comedy fishing show hosted by musicians, because who the hell else would do something so insardine (#fishpun)? Well, in 1991 the great John Lurie, who played music with the Lounge Lizards and starred in Stranger Than Paradise and Paris, Texas, was the host of Fishing with John, in which he’d go on a river expedition with a guest, including Tom Waits, Willem Dafoe, and Dennis Hopper.

What I’m saying is, my dream has always been to see an all-fish retelling of Cannibal! The Musical with revised instrumentation from Primus and Tom Waits, and Matt and Trey have the power to make this happen. Shpadoinkle.

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