Casey Wilson Confirms Our Worst Fears About That ‘Happy Endings’ Countdown

The person running the “OFFICIAL writer’s office twitter for Happy Endings” has been having a little fun with the 18.5K people still following for news and updates on their favorite canceled ABC series. After several months of silence, and with no explanation at all, the mystery person Tweeted a link to a countdown on February 6. On a white screen exists a timer counting down days, hours, minutes, and seconds, with a single phrase: “It’s almost a new day.” For those of us who still mourn the loss of this hilarious series more than a year later, it was cause for confused celebration. Could this possibly mean that Happy Endings is coming back?

It wasn’t the dumbest hope to have. After all, Eliza Coupe’s boring USA series Benched was canceled, and Damon Wayans, Jr. announced that he was leaving New Girl, while Adam Pally also left The Mindy Project. Sure, Casey Wilson and her husband and Happy Endings creator David Caspe are locked into Marry Me, and Elisha Cuthbert has One Big Happy, but those are NBC shows. They could be axed tomorrow. Plus, with Yahoo! saving Community and Netflix rescuing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, anything is possible.

To make things even more ridiculous, the account is referencing a fourth season, and Pally didn’t deny that something was happening when he was recently asked about it. If anyone knows, though, it’s Wilson. Because if Happy Endings is getting new life, she’d have to know, right? I mean, she lives with the showrunner. Alison Rosen finally got to the bottom of it with the actress on her podcast, and I feel like a complete idiot right now.

I have to ask, this Happy Endings almost a new day thing, what is going on?

I don’t know. It’s certainly nothing to my knowledge so I think it might be our writer’s assistant joking around and unfortunately, I know it’s not a welcome joke for everyone necessary.

Right. For the listeners, let me set this up. Happy Endings went away — how long ago now?

A year and a half ago?

Some time ago now. A year and a half ago but they’re on the Happy Endings writers’ Twitter feed. There’s been all these hints that it’s almost a new day countdown suggesting to a lot of people that there might be another season happening, but I think that the countdown–

I heard that it might be. I think he was counting down to April Fools’ Day unfortunately.

Yes. So there are people who are like, “Well, countdown to April Fools’ Day, what if this is just a mean joke and there’s people who are like, they would never do anything so mean.”

(At least I’m not the only person who couldn’t put two and two together to realize that the countdown takes us to April 1. But aside from the obvious, this is just mean.)

I know. I don’t love that he did it to be honest – I’m like between us [chuckles]. But at the same time, I think he was framing it like he knew fans would be excited. I don’t think he meant it in any way but to my knowledge, there’s nothing moving forward. I mean I’m still on the show.

You’d probably know.

I would hope. I would hope. But nothing sadly and I apologize if it got anyone excited.

You’re breaking hearts.

It got me excited. I was like, “Great [chuckles].”

For a second, were you like, “Oh, great, why didn’t they tell me”?

Yeah. I was like I’m sure they want to tell because they’re bringing me such a great offer that they want to wait.

Wait. Your husband was the creator of that show, right?

He was, yes.

So you would know.

I would think [chuckles]. I would think. I would think. So nothing yet.

Unless… and just work with me here… Wilson is in on it and this is all just a smokescreen to make us think that it’s an April Fool’s prank, but it’s really not, and they’re trying to sabotage One Big Happy and Marry Me to get Happy Endings back on TV. Only, they’re going to merge the Marry Me and Happy Endings casts, because that show is wonderful, too, and Ken Marino is a national treasure. Okay, I know I sound stupid right now, but a boy has to believe in something.