Tyler, The Creator's Mountain Dew Ad Pulled After Being Called 'Most Racist Commercial In History'

05.01.13 5 years ago 42 Comments

In an apparent attempt to appear “cool” and create “buzz,” PepsiCo asked Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator to direct a Mountain Dew ad for them. What they got was the “most racist commercial in history,” at least according to Your Black World’s Dr. Boyce Watkins. Apparently he’s never seen an ad for dryer sheets; not EVERY white person loves them as much as BIG FABRIC SOFTENER wants you to think. Only some.

If you’ve never heard of Felicia the Goat, you’ll know about her soon. Felicia the Goat is the main character in a recent Mountain Dew commercial, created in part by Tyler the Creator. The video shows Felicia in a line up of criminal suspects, all of whom may be charged with a crime.

Of course, in the world of Mountain Dew, every single suspect is black. Not just regular black people, but the kinds of ratchety negroes you might find in the middle of any hip-hop minstrel show: Gold teeth, “mean mugging,” sun glasses wearing, white-t sportin, hard core n*ggaz ready to “get into some ol gangsta sh*t.” Apparently, this is the kind of ad you put out if you want to appeal to the black male demographic.

On the other side of the one-way glass is an innocent, feeble, traumatized white woman, standing next to a detective telling her to “nail this little sucker.” The woman is shaking, wounded and crying in fear over whatever these scary black men have done and might do to her in the future…Throughout the video, the woman is trying to decide whether to identify the suspect, and is being threatened by the goat who is telling her, “You shoulda gave me some more…I’m nasty.” So, I guess that means that the woman was s-xually assaulted by the goat, maybe Rick Ross style. (Via)

The real victim: goats. It’s the sheep you gotta watch out for. There’s something about them that’s just not right…Anyway, PepsiCo heard Dr. Watkins’s complaint, and thousands more like it, and pulled the ad and “take full responsibility” for it, according to a statement on MTV. In related news, NO MORE BARNYARD ANIMAL ADS.

(UPDATE: We had a video embed in this space, but, to their credit, PepsiCo is hell-bent on no one ever seeing this terrible ad ever again and has pulled it from all corners of the web.)


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