'Under The Dome' Goes Goofy With 'Speak Of The Devil'

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09.03.13 35 Comments

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Apparently the Dome has a new power as demonstrated in Under The Dome last night. Namely, the power to make pretty much everybody act like a total idiot.

This… was not one of the show’s best episodes last night, even if it did start with Julia getting shot, which was wonderful. You could literally feel the writing staff torquing the plot with a wrench to make it fit whatever end game they’ve got planned for the last two episodes. And the results were, honestly, pretty painful. Here’s a list of idiocy, by character:

Barbie: So Big Jim has spent, let’s see here, two weeks telling you he’s only out for himself and will stab you in the back in the first opportunity, oh, and you also know he’s power-hungry. Let’s tell him to his face that you’re going to strip him of power! And then give him a gun and tell him to watch the hostages! One of which could clear you of a crime!

Linda: True, the show has firmly established she’s completely incompetent, but most of the episode hinges on her trusting the word of Big Jim, a man who opens the episode by claiming it was OK for him to be a drug dealer because having some propane lying around worked out. Yes, drug dealers you catch in a lie are very trustworthy, Linda! You should let them run around, issue orders, do things like that. Also, let’s ignore everything about basic crime scene analysis even the most backwoods hick cop is taught as part of his job.

Junior: “Wah, I’m Junior, and I’m going to throw a hissy fit because the woman I locked in a cellar still doesn’t love me, wah.” The show trying to make Junior integral to the plot is incredibly irritating; it looks like he gets beaten up next week and man, is it overdue.

Angie: You’d think, by now, she would have figured out Junior is completely nuts.

The Dome: This episode ends with the Dome giving a message to its four amigos that they’ve got to kill Big Jim. Your assassination dream team is Norrie, Joe, Junior and Angie? Good luck with that.

Some more thoughts:

  • Apparently the military is looking for Barbie, something that will either save his ass or layer on some more complications.
  • “I’m declaring a state of emergency.” Because one wasn’t in place already?
  • At one point, Big Jim states he has to “…make the trains run on time.” Subtle.
  • Can I just say Julia getting shot was the highlight of this episode? Because it was.
  • Big Jim is going to send a bunch of hicks with shotguns out to find Barbie in the next episode. From this we can conclude Big Jim has never seen a Rambo movie.
  • Does Big Jim, in his radio address that closes the episode, really not realize he sounds like a tinpot dictator? He seems completely unhinged here, and watching the show nearly burn its best character to the ground is aggravating.
  • The product placement was actually not bad this episode: Barbie’s Windows Phone and Julia’s Prius actually were incredibly useful and made sense to feature this episode.

Any thoughts yourself? Share them in the comments.

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