VH1 Is Developing A New Reality Competition Series That Will Focus On Identical Twins

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11.11.14 2 Comments

Lighthearted Entertainment, who previously brought us the amazing and highbrow Dating Naked is developing a series with VH1 tentatively called Twinning, which will ostensibly feature twelve sets of identical twins performing challenges that will “test their twin connection.”

According to Deadline, which reported the news, each week a set of twins will be eliminated from the competition until the last set of twins standing will be named the “twinners” and awarded the not at all gimmicky grand prize of $222,222.22.

“Twinning (WT) is a crazy concept, and we are all the way in,” said Susan Levison, EVP Original Programming and Production at VH1. “This will be a competition series like no other, and we love to pique our viewers’ twinterest. Come one, come all for the noisiest house show in years.”

Oh, believe you me, I fully believe that statement. My best friends from college who I lived with for two years were a pair of identical twins and one of my favorite college past times was watching them fight with one another. Pretty much every pair of identical twins I’ve known in my life have been legit crazy in some way or another (sorry, Dustin), and I have it on good faith that VH1 will only pick the cream of the crop. Putting a bunch of twins on an island somewhere (not confirmed, but assumed) will be like filling an Olympic-sized swimming pool with rattlesnakes and then tossing in some tear gas.

Twinning is set to air sometime next summer.

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