Victoria Jackson Will Not Be Attending ‘SNL 40,’ But It’s Not Because She Was Fired

It doesn’t appear that Victoria Jackson — who has of spoken her dislike for gays, Glee, immigrants, and Muslims — will be attending the 40th Anniversary special of SNL this Sunday (although, practically everyone else ever involved with the show will be). She’s not yet listed on any rosters, and while she doesn’t specifically say that she will not be attending the special on her website, she strongly suggests as much.

But, she says, it’s not because she was fired from the show. In fact, Jackson — whose descent into madness we have documented — would like to dispel a “rumor” created by a “liberal” writer that she was fired.

I was not fired from SNL after 6 years. Lorne said I could stay as long as I want. I had a holding deal with Sandollar and Fox for my own sitcom and was paid handsomely that year to leave SNL. George Clooney played my boyfriend in the show. My cast mates were also leaving SNL and I had stayed 6 years when my contract was for 5. I was also marrying a cop who lived/worked in Miami and I had a child to raise.

I bet George Clooney tells that story to ALL his friends.

She also took the opportunity to highlight former SNL cast members who are allegedly conservatives — Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Adam Sandler, Norm Macdonald, Colin Quinn, and Jim Downey — and even noted that Lorne Michaels may be a “closet conservative.”

“Anyone with a brain is a conservative,” she said, adding for no apparent reason that “it’s pretty obvious that SNL is afraid to mock Obama. I think it’s because he’s (half) black and a Marxist and a Muslim. Three off-limits topics for comedy.”

Ostensibly, however, the post was really about thanking Lorne Michaels, which she said is the entire point of the 40th Anniversary Special, anyway:

He was always wry and had a twinkle in his eye. He believed in me. He gave me the best job I ever had and it’s the gift that keeps giving. SNL opened many doors for me.

She also offered her services as an “ex-gymnast ukulele player” for Fred Armisen’s band on Late Night with Seth Meyers. I’m sure Meyers will be banging down her door to hire her.