Wanda Sykes Thinks Facebook And Instagram Bringing Trump Back Is ‘Like Letting Hannibal Lecter Babysit Your Most Delicious Child’

Just two months after Twitter’s regretful new owner Elon Musk lifted the ban put on Donald Trump’s account following the events of January 6th, Meta has gone and done the same — meaning that the conspiracy theory-spewing former president is free to post all the McDonald’s and Diet Coke food porn he wants. And while Trump himself is trying to make a big show over whether or not he’ll return to any of these platforms (despite his many attempts to try and sneak back on over the past two years), one person who is not impressed by Meta’s decision is Wanda Sykes.

On Thursday night, while guest-hosting The Daily Show, Sykes shared her doubts that Trump could ever play nice on social media — and questioned the real reason Mark Zuckerberg would want the former president and his vitriol back.

Letting Trump back on Facebook is crazy. You’re just asking for trouble. It’s like letting Hannibal Lecter babysit your most delicious child.

But Facebook is putting him back online anyway. Because they say that, quote, ‘The public should be able to hear what their politicians are saying.’ And to that, let me say, quote, ‘Phooey.’

Sykes isn’t buying that whole freedom of speech excuse for one second. “Look, we all know Facebook is losing a ton of money and they want that Trump attention back,” she said. “They need a hit. Trump is their White Lotus! He’s their Jennifer Coolidge of the internet.”

Except that Jennifer Coolidge would have made for a much better, and more entertaining, president.

You can watch the full clip above.