Donald Trump Tried To Worm His Way Back Onto Twitter, But The Platform Wasn’t Having It And Immediately Suspended The Account

Donald Trump, a man who has been shouting from the rooftops about how great press releases are and how he definitely doesn’t miss social media, just got caught trying to log back on Twitter with a different handle.

The disgraced former president was banned from nearly every major social media site, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after he used the platforms to incite a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill earlier this year. Recently, Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the ban, agreeing to review the ruling in a few months’ time, but Twitter has permanently banned Trump, something the celebrity mogul seems to be having a hard time accepting. Not only did he launch a new social media site — and by that, we mean just a basic LiveJournal knockoff where he reblogs his press releases and rants about the stolen presidential election — to compete with Twitter, it seems his team (or at least the coalition that funds his new site) tried to create a handle that would circumvent Twitter’s ban.

The account @DJTDesk was shut down on Wednesday after it became apparent that the handle was broadcasting Trump’s missives and re-posting content from press releases on his blogging site, From the Desk of Donald Trump.

Obviously, this is a big blow to Trump’s team, whose main job right now seems to be trying to find some way for the former president to remain relevant while he holes up in Mar-A-Lago, crashing weddings and giving bizarre monologues about his loss in 2020. It feels like Trump might be just one embarrassingly obvious secret Twitter account away from becoming society’s weird uncle who retired to Florida where he regales strangers with tales of the “good ol’ days” when he almost carried out a successful coup.

Get a hobby, Don.