Watch A Crowded Bar React To The Mountain Vs. Red Viper Battle From ‘Game Of Thrones’

Every Sunday night, the Burlington Bar in Chicago holds screenings of Game of Thrones that apparently draw a pretty decent crowd. This seems like a fun idea for a number of reasons: it turns the show into a huge real communal experience as opposed to the huge virtual communal experience online, there’s beer there, they presumably have onion rings on the menu, etc. It also means when there’s one of those important HOLY SH*T moments that Game of Thrones is known for, they can point a camera at the crowd to document their collective reaction. This is a good thing, as you can see above.

The real magic starts happening around the 2:30 mark. That’s where things go bad on the screen (which you can see thanks to the helpful little picture-in-picture box in the corner), and subsequently, where things go terrific in the bar. My favorite reactions:

  • The girl on the far right who frustratedly slaps her hands down — like “Aw, nuts” — while everyone else is gasping through the fingers they have involuntarily covered their mouths with.
  • The dude in the back at 3:05 who starts clapping.
  • The dude at 3:09 who just calmly stares at the screen and continues sipping his beer like a goddamn serial killer.

Do I like this video more than yesterday’s reaction supercut? Yes. Yes I do.

Source: Daily Dot