Watch A News Anchor Get Tricked Into Reading Her Own Marriage Proposal On Live TV

07.12.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

No one likes working on holidays, but Texas anchorwoman Alexa Williams is mighty glad she showed up for her July 4th shift last weekend. It was there that the KWES personality was tricked into reading her very own marriage proposal live on the air.

“An Odessa woman is about to get the surprise of her life, and eventually a last name,” she said nonchalantly, reading the teleprompter in front of her. Shortly after, her boyfriend stepped on set with the ring and a bouquet of flowers in hand and finally popped up the question. So genuinely surprised and in tears, Williams happily said yes.

“Working on the 4th of July turned into the best day of my life,” she later wrote on Facebook.

Williams is just the latest journalist to find herself “reporting” on her own love life. Last year, an Alabama anchor also read out her own proposal while the cameras were rolling. And just last month, one reporter discovered she had been unknowingly investigating her proposal.

Via Huffington Post

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