Watch As Artie Lange And Giada De Laurentiis Take Part In A Very Odd Game Of ‘Catchphrase’

08.22.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Of all the pairings that I’ve seen playing these Tonight Show games since I started doing the night coverage, this is probably the strangest one. Giada De Laurentiis makes perfect sense because she’s camera friendly and people like her. Artie Lange on the other hand looks like he’s been picked up off the street and dumped into the studio. It’s not his first time, but I just wouldn’t picture him as willing to take part.

I love it though because Artie Lange is great. It’s awesome that he basically just kills at this while Giada is off pronouncing spaghetti like we’re picking tomatoes in the old country. All the while Artie is probably still pondering over who would have sex with a parrot.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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