Watch Bryan Cranston Transform Into Walter White Of 'Breaking Bad'

Last year, Bryan Cranston appeared on a talk show hosted by Steven Michael Quezeda. On it, he brought out the Breaking Bad make-up crew and physically changed from the Bryan Cranston we recognize from Malcolm in the Middle to freaking Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. It’s a more striking transformation than you’d think for a guy who just shaves his head and grows a goatee (which is prosthetic in this instance, and apparently, occasionally has been on the show, as well).

Unfortunately, very few people actually saw the transformation (there’s only 4,000 views on YouTube at last count) because who the hell would watch a talk show hosted by Gomie? Who even knew that Gomie had a talk show? Nobody apparently, except Bryan Cranston, who appeared on two of the 12 episodes before the show was pulled. The show was pitched as the “The Tonight Show of Albuquerque, New Mexico,” which is probably all you need to know to understand why it lasted only 12 episodes. I’m sure the Albuquerque cable access channel put up huge ratings, though.

It’s a cool trick, although it seems wasted on Gomie’s show. Still, it’s another reminder of just how great Bryan Cranston is that, in under eight minutes, he can morph from an average looking amiable guy with a sparkling sense of humor into a bald-headed menacing motherf—er. I mean, CLEARLY, Cranston is a nice guy if he made the time to appear on Gomie’s low-rent operation. Twice. Make sure and stick around until the five-and-a-half minute mark to see Cranston make the spiritual transformation into Heisenberg and Gomie demonstrate what an awkward interviewer he is.

Breaking Bad returns on Sunday. If you can’t wait that long, you can watch the first 90 seconds of the premiere episode here. Will Walt Jr. be let in on the secret, as well?