Watch Craig Ferguson Pass The ‘Late Late Show’ Torch To James Corden

Craig Ferguson, whose Late Late Show is unfortunately set to come to a close tomorrow night, has made his mark in late night by blissfully going his own way. So with that in mind, I suppose it wasn’t earth shatteringly shocking when his successor, James Corden, wasn’t on the list of final guests for The Late Late Show despite the time-honored tradition of having one’s successor on for a bit of awkward conversation and pickle gifting. It also wasn’t a slight against Corden, as Ferguson’s closing guest list was obviously limited to dear friends and those who had been memorable guests on the show. And also Jay Leno.

As you can see from the above video, though, Corden did get a chance to stop by before Ferguson signed off the air, and in his brief moment at the start of the show (and later during the sign off) he revealed himself to be a giggly man who is composed mostly of cake and biscuits. He also may have some kind of concerning heart problem, because I’ve seen him make reference to chest tightness during a few interviews now.

In all seriousness, Corden’s first impression wasn’t super impressive, but it wasn’t meant to be. This was just a quiet passing of the torch from Ferguson to Corden, though it does seem clear that Corden is going to bring a slightly different energy to the time slot. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing can’t be ascertained after a few moments and a lot of nervous laughter, but they didn’t negotiate grazing rights for Secretariat or some kind of visitation schedule for Geoff, so I’m already suspicious of the new guy. And that pains me, because I love biscuits.

Source: YouTube