Watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Quiz Marijuana Dispensary Customers On Current Events

“Man on the street” segments like this one that was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night always vex me. It’s not that I feel bad for people who bungle easy questions with a camera and a microphone shoved in their face, it’s that after they do that, they then sign a release to be on TV. If it were me, I’d demand another take and a moment to consult with Siri.

In this particular segment, one of Kimmel’s lackeys parks himself outside of a medical marijuana dispensary to hit passersby with two types of questions: general information and stoner. Guess how they did? Exactly, nobody seems to know who the pope is, but some can break down the construction of an apple bong like they were J. Thaddeus Thatchberg-Cross, the just now made up inventor of the apple bong.

Anyway, folks got in a good chuckle at these people’s expense, but I’m going to give them a pass. People’s lives are hectic and everyone has a different set of priorities. Is it more important that you know that John Kerry is the Secretary of State (thanks Wikipedia!) or that you know all about the contents of Pizza Hut crust? Exactly.