Watch John Oliver Compare Dan Snyder Clinging To The Redskins Name To Some Of The Worst Things In History

It’s becoming a Sunday night tradition that John Oliver will lay a British beatdown on an unworthy opponent, and for the second week in a row it was a sports organization that felt his wrath.

Last week Oliver went long and hard at FIFA just in time for the World Cup. This week, in a shorter but just as topical segment, Oliver honed in on Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his insistence on maintaining the heritage of his decades-old sports franchise by clinging to its highly offensive name. After a quick recap of the nonsense surrounding Snyder’s stance, Oliver aired a short parody video that correctly grouped Snyder’s logic with some of the worst positions held by anyone anywhere. (Seriously, let’s stop it with the camping propaganda.)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver