Watch Kenny Powers Rise Like A Phoenix In This ‘Eastbound & Down’ Final Season Teaser Trailer

08.19.13 4 Comments


Here is a teaser trailer for the final season of Eastbound & Down. It contains no footage — not a single frame — from any of the episodes, no audio, no real plot-related hints beyond the very straightforward “Kenny Powers will rise like a phoenix” message, and none of the show’s legendary strings of profanity. It’s just a voiceover, some fire, and Kenny Powers standing amongst the ashes in a smoldering suit. That’s it. And I am STILL eight or nine different kinds of giddy over here. This show has that kind of effect of me.

So, anyway, to recap, here are the things we know about the show’s final season: 1) It is happening, beginning September 29; 2) Lindsay Lohan will appear at some point; 3) Kenny’s son Toby will still be so adorable that everyone will just die (unless they pulled a Modern Family and switched kids between seasons, in which case I will be writing a very sternly worded letter to the party or parties responsible); 4) This phoenix thing; 5) Judging by the above screencap, Kenny is now La Flama Negra.

(Via Vulture)

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