Watch Norm Macdonald Attempt To Steal A ‘Late Show’ Camera And Nearly Break It In The Process

If you had lost count of how many shows David Letterman had left as host of The Late Show, this clip with Norm Macdonald is an interesting reminder. Once Macdonald realizes that there are only 12 episodes left a few months left with Dave at the helm, and that this might very well be the last time he sits on the guest chair, he decides he needs a memento.

Letterman offers him anything in the studio and it instantly backfires because Norm decides that he wants one of the CBS studio cameras, tugging on it like a mad dog to drag it backstage. I’m sure it was staged for the most part, but there’s no way that crash near the end was planned.

It kinda makes you cringe for a second (I guess), but then you remember that it’s a CBS camera. They can afford a few new ones.

(Via The Late Show)