Here’s The ‘Full House’ Cast Singing The Theme Song And Making Your Sitcom Dreams Come True

Last night was Full House creator Jeff Franklin’s birthday party and most of the cast was in attendance, looking better than they did when the show ended more than 20 years ago. To celebrate the occasion, they came together to sing the show’s theme song, part of which can be seen courtesy of Andrea Barber’s (Kimmy Gibbler) Instagram.

Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, and Lori Loughlin (who probably has an aging portrait in her attic) were there, too:

Jodie Sweetin, aka, Stephanie Judith Tanner, was also in attendance. I mean, of course she was. If she hadn’t been — I mean, how rude?!

Was John Stamos there? You know it, have mercy:

No word on whether or not Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen swung by to sing “Brother for Sale” for the encore.

(Via Glamour)