Watch 'Breaking Bad's' Mike Ehrmantraut Explain Menstruation

Look, I don’t want to oversell this video or anything, but I’ll just say this: It’s the greatest thing in the history of all time, ever. From 1974, it’s an educational film about menstruation. It’s about 15-year-old Judy, who has just gotten her first period, and she tries to explain it to her befuddled boyfriend Johnny. Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike Ehrmentraut, plays the befuddled boyfriend.

Johnny makes his first appearance at the 1:20 mark, with this exchange:

Judy: I just got my first period.
Johnny: So what? What’s the big deal?
Judy: It means that blood is falling out of my uterus.
Johnny: (quizzical look) Oh.

Then, of course, a man with a 70’s mustache and terrible sunglasses who looks like he drives a windowless van explains that it’s not a good idea to get your information about menstruation from “street corners,” which is what I’ve always said.

Another important lesson: Always leave a wastebasket in the bathroom, lest a woman need to put her used feminine hygiene products in her purse.

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Mike really has always been a total cupcake.