Wayne Brady Channels The ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Version Of Himself, Threatens To Beat Up Bill Maher In Public

Recently I re-watched that brilliant, classic Chappelle’s Show skit in which Dave has a night out with Wayne Brady to do some black actor bonding, only to discover that the Wayne Brady loved by suburban white people across the land is actually a pimp/homicidal maniac. It’s still one of the more hilarious things I’ve ever seen.

I’m beginning to think someone else may have re-watched it recently; Wayne Brady himself, specifically, as he seems to be channeling the Wayne Brady character he played in that skit in response to Bill Maher making jokes about his blackness, or lack thereof. Yes, when asked by Marc Lamont Hill on Hill’s webshow about Maher’s past comment that President Obama isn’t a “real black” man, ala Wayne Brady, Brady went off, issuing a direct threat to Maher: “I will beat your ass in public.”

Brady added, “I’ve respected him as a comedian, and what he does on HBO is great. But when he starts to drag me in, to use me as the cultural linchpin of his not-black-enough argument, that’s bullsh*t.”

I like Bill Maher. I watch his show every week. I consider myself a fan of his. That said, I would pay good money to watch Wayne Brady beat his ass.

Watch the exchange below…

Let’s now relive the aforementioned timeless Chappelle’s Show skit, shall we?

(Via Huff Post Comedy)