We Are At Defcon F—: The 15 Meanest, Funniest, and Most Vicious Lines From ‘Veep’

06.17.13 5 years ago 21 Comments
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The easiest way for a show to get out of a rut, time and time again, is to get someone intoxicated. I can’t even tell you the number of times that Parks and Recreation has gone back to that well (whether it be alcohol, food poisoning, or sickness), and it never fails to work. After a couple of mediocre episodes, Veep came back last night with maybe the best of the season, and much of that was thanks not only to Vice President Meyers’ adverse reaction to St. John’s Wart and anti-depressants, but what led to her taking both: An amazing, hilarious sequence in which she walked into a glass door.

There was some interesting plot movement, as well. Not only are both Amy AND Dan secretly eyeing a spot on Danny Chung’s when he decided to run against the POTUS, but at the episode’s end, the Vice President revealed that she would NOT be running with the President again, but would instead bide her time and make her own run for the Presidency.

But as always, the best part of Veep are the brilliant lines. Here are the 15 Meanist, Funniest, and Most Vicious of them.

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