We Need To Talk About Tim Allen’s Personal Website

Or, in Home Improvement speak, aEUHHHHHHHH. (I’m also open to other spelling possibilities.) Videogum pointed out earlier today that Tim Allen, the star of classics such as Jungle 2 Jungle, has his own website, which “has a very compelling ‘Interests’ section that deals with Quantum Physics.” Highlights include:

As a kid I asked a lot of questions—believe me—a lot! But one question turned out to be the most magical question of all. “What is this table made out of?” If you think the answer is wood—you’d be right—but you’re sorely mistaken if you think it ends there. (Via)

“Think of this way: tables are the Santa Clause movies of physics.”

Quantum physicists say that unless certain conditions are met, these subatomic particles don’t actually exist. At least I think that ’s what they’re saying. These are complicated concepts, and suggest a different view of things. But here’s my problem: Since, at the most basic level we’re just a bunch of particles, I hope this doesn’t mean what I’m afraid it does—that in some very scary way, I’m not really here. (Via)

Guys. Buzz Lightyear just blew my MIND. But if I’m not here and you’re not here and we’re all not here, does that mean Wild Hogs isn’t here, too? Meh. I’m OK with the whole not-existing thing, if so. Allen, whose current show Last Man Standing is all too real, also asks complicated questions about God and cars and more tables and what happened to Zachery Ty Bryan, but only because he hasn’t discovered the teachings of the Forerunner…yet. There’s also a message board, so that TimHeads the world over can explain their philosophies on life.

As someone said, I don’t know if this fits quantum thinking…I really just don’t know, but since thoughts are ‘out there’, in my line of thinking they are pretty powerful. Everything we assume is real began with a thought. If a thought isn’t acted on, does that make it nonexistant? Hmm. Seems the ‘world’ we live in is an expression of thoughts people have had over eons of time…so, is it true that thoughts CAN become reality, but not if they drift away? Would that make them monadic types of things? (Via)

“And, uh, what if the world is made of doughnuts that are all holes?” Lastly: timallenartmorelikefart.jpg.

That one’s called “Grasping Life’s Ungraspable Grasps.” I will never not be fascinated by Tim Allen.

(Via Videogum)