This Website Tracks The Rise And Fall Of Every TV Show In Graph Form

I miss Dexter. Or more specifically, I miss the idea of Dexter. No show in recent memory has gone from being as unanimously beloved to widely hated as Showtime’s serial killer drama, and I’ve honestly grown fond of the way it brought people together. No matter your beliefs, we all could agree on one thing: Dexter was terrible. And now you can see just how bad it became in visual form, thanks to Graph TV.

Graph TV attempts to graph tv show ratings by episode. Assigns a different color to each season and generates a simple linear regression from the ratings given to episodes each season. Each point on the graph displays the episode title, rating, and other data and is clickable to reach its IMDb. (Via)

Here are some notable shows with dramatic rises and tragic falls (so, Dexter).

Breaking Bad

The Office

The Simpsons





Via Graph TV