Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Is Creepy And Kooky (And Drops Piranhas Into A Pool) In Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Teaser Trailer

Wednesday isn’t an Addams Family reboot, it’s an “eight-hour Tim Burton movie,” but don’t hold that against it. For one thing, the Netflix series has a fantastic cast, led by Scream and X breakout Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, and the statuesque Luis Guzmán as Gomez. Also, based on the piranha scene in the trailer above, it has the same wicked sense of humor as the wonderful Addams Family movies.

Described as a “sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy,” Wednesday is “something that lives within the Venn diagram of what happened before, but it’s its own thing,” co-showrunner Miles Millar told Vanity Fair. “It’s not trying to be the movies or the ’60s TV show. That was very important to us and very important to Tim.”

That would be Tim Burton, who directed multiple episodes of the series. “He was interested in where it was going, the mystery of the show,” co-showrunner Alfred Gough said about the director’s participation (he’s also an executive producer). “He had a lot of questions about the previous television work we’d done, like how we were able to achieve it. He really loved that you had time to be with Wednesday and explore the character and you didn’t have to, you know, wrap things up in an hour and 45 minutes.”

Wednesday premieres on Netflix later this year.

(Via Vanity Fair)