Weekend Preview Brought to You By Corgis

It’s a holiday weekend, and there’s nothing I’d rather have at the top of the page for three days than a chill-ass corgi. Peep the weekend highlights below, and enjoy more corgis on the pages that follow. If you get bored between now and Tuesday morning, contribute some of your hard-earned scrilla to my Fight Gone Bad effort, which benefits the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Read more about it here.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Monday, Bravo) — Season premiere. Didja hear? They killed a guy. That’s only a good thing on scripted on shows.
Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!, Sunday) — Season finale. Kris Humphries proposes to Kim. OMG CLIFFHANGER WHAT WILL SHE SAY??? Oh right, they already got married. Never mind then.
True Blood (HBO, Sunday) — Think of summer as the night that allows campy vampire shows to be a huge hit. Dawn comes in September, ushering in the welcome sunlight of respected television shows.
Dinosaur Revolution (Discovery, Sunday) — I found this minutes before hitting “Publish,” otherwise I PROMISE I would have made a Photoshop of a T. Rex in a tricorner hat.
The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday) — It’s not the season premiere, but rather a half-hour recap of what’s happened on the show so far.
Man, Woman, Wild (Discovery) — Season premiere. Be sure to check out Myke Hawke and his wife as they brave Utah and the Colorado River. I hear that Mike Hawke doesn’t do too well in cold water.

Japan’s weird.
I would pay $100 an hour for corgi massage. ( )
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I’m reposting this from a previous Corgi Friday, because Simba here has a challenger.
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