Weekend Preview: The A-Meh-Zing Race

02.18.11 9 years ago 11 Comments

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (CBS, Sunday) — Season premiere. Eleven teams that didn’t win in previous seasons are back for another chance. I refuse to watch this show until they rename it “The Amazing Race: Watermelon to the Face.” And then build the show around people getting hit in the face with watermelons.

Episodes (Showtime, Sunday) — Season finale. Showtime is a big blind spot for me, and that’s too bad, because I’ve heard mostly positive things about both this and “Shameless.” (GIF via)

SNL: Backstage (NBC, Sunday) — In its list of ten things to watch for on this special, Movieline notes that Seth Meyers recognizes how problematic the monologue is, “offering few options beyond interruptions or taking questions.” So freakin’ get rid of it. Example: “Hello, I’m the host tonight, [musical guest] is here, it’s gonna be a great show!” Cut to fake commercial.

The Cleveland Show (Fox, Sunday) — Justin Timberlake provides a guest voice as a talking booger, which is actually a step up from his involvement in Yogi Bear.

Being Human (BBC America, Saturday) — Season premiere. The American version of this is astoundingly dull, so it’s nice that we get to sample the original formula. I mean, I’m still not gonna watch it, but I appreciate having the option.

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