Colin Jost Pointed Out That We’re Basically Living In A ‘Mad Max’ Movie On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

Things are, to put it lightly, not so great right now! Safe and legal abortion is on the verge of being eliminated. There’s a baby formula shortage. Gas prices have skyrocketed. Cryptocurrency has crashed. And oh yeah, there’s still a pandemic. On this week’s Weekend Update portion of SNL, co-host Colin Jost pieced everything together to remind us that we might be living in one of the most entertaining yet grimmest blockbusters of recent years.

“Is it me or does every story this week sound like the opening voiceover in a Mad Max movie?” Jost asked the crowd. “The year is 2022. A virus rages across the planet. Digital money has collapsed. Infants have nothing to eat. Women are forced to breed. Men are ready to die for gasoline. And we suffer under the leadership of the one known only as Joe.” (The latter prompted a Photoshopped image of Joe Biden with an Immortan Joe face doo-hickey.)

Jost then zeroed in on digital currency: “The entire crypto market has lost over a trillion dollars. But don’t worry. You can make that money back fast as long as you’ve been hoarding baby formula.”

Michael Che, meanwhile, tackled some good news. “The January 6th committee has subpoenaed five sitting Republican congressman after they refused to testify voluntarily,” he said. “Said the Republican congressmen, ‘You can’t force us to do anything, we’re not pregnant.’”

Che also took on one of the largest companies in the world. “Amazon announced that it will play employees who have to travel to get an abortion up to $4,000 in expenses every year,” he said. “The only catch is you’ve got to do it during your eight-minute lunch break.”

The two also covered such topics as Kevin Spacey’s comeback film, Ukraine winning Eurovision, and last week’s Wordle mishap. You can watch the segment in the videos above and below.