What Is the Least Cared About Show on Television?

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01.11.12 61 Comments

I love Grantland* because the writers there have an uncanny ability to take a Tweet-sized thought — “‘90210’ is the least cared about show on television” –and expand it into a 2,000-word think piece. Such is the case with Steven Hyden’s longread explaining why “90210” holds that title: Because most of us cannot name a single person who watches it.

It’s true, too. I don’t know a soul who watches. I’m a TV critic for two sites, and I’ve never seen an episode. Maybe that’s my own failing, or maybe it’s the apathy the very idea of the show provokes. I have no interest in watching plastic people poorly attempt to recreate the fleeting 90’s magic of “Beverly Hills 90210.” As far as I’m concerned, “90210” doesn’t exist.

But I’m more interested in what the WG community might consider the least cared about show on television (“at least among shows with a reasonable expectation of being cared about”) and your arguments for why. My first thought was “NCIS,” but I know there’s a sizable population of middle-aged women with crushes on Mark Harmon that would beg to differ. I watch too much TV to be objective, so I put the question to all of you: What show do you care about the least?

* I do not have the same affection for Bill Simmons, but I’ve learned it’s best to keep one’s thoughts about the SportsGuy to oneself, as his following is as rabid, insane, and OMNIPRESENT as the following of Joe Rogan and Ron Paul, lurking in the shadows of the Internet with their Google Alerts and Twitter searches waiting to pounce on anyone who dares insult their leader.

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