What We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Parks And Rec’ Based On Last Night’s Episodes

Every week during this unfortunately abbreviated final season of Parks and Recreation, we’ll count off the things we’ll miss the most about that goddamn delight of a TV series. It’s an all-time great sitcom in its seventh year; there’s no reason to pick it apart and criticize things it MAYBE could have done differently. I’d rather just enjoy seeing Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt on my television screen for as long as they’ll be there. Which is only five more weeks. Oh god.

“William Henry Harrison”

1. When you see a recurring Pawnee resident whose name you can’t remember, then remember, after minutes of furious Google-ing, he’s Herman Lerpiss and that despite speaking maybe 25 lines the entire series, he has an entire maybe-family.

2. “He’s an embarrassing footnote, but he’s our embarrassing footnote.” Leslie trying to make the best out of a historically embarrassing situation.

3. Andy’s fascination with Pawnee’s wildlife, dead or alive.

4. This is the first time Parks has mentioned William Henry Harrison, our most mediocre of presidents, so I didn’t know how much I’ll miss his museum until now. Who could forget the If He Wore a Coat room? Or the Other Things That Were Famous for One Month exhibit, including the Harlem Shake and Joe the Plumber? Or, lastly, Other Famous Harrisons? It’s worth the $14.

5. Ron’s ever-present “hands down pants” look.

“Leslie & Ron” (one of the all-time best Parks episodes)

6. “Oh my god, babe, Game of Thrones is on tonight. It’s the series finale. Khaleesi is marrying Jack Sparrow…that show has really gone off the rails.” “It makes sense if you’ve read the books.” The ever-growing references to what life will be like in 2017.

7. First Jerry/Gary/Larry, etc. marries Billy Joel’s ex-wife, then picks “We Didn’t Start the Fire” to include on a mix CD. Leslie’s got her waffles; Jerry/Gary/Larry, etc.’s got his BJ (ew).

8. Ron’s stubbornness, to such a degree that he can’t admit he and Leslie were friends. They were “work proximity associates.” Also, he still refers to Ann as “the nurse.”

9. But he’s come a long way from season one. It may take hours for him to admit it, but he misses Leslie, April, and the rest of his former-work proximity associates, and it’s heartbreaking to see him waiting, alone, at JJ’s Diner for Leslie, who forgets to show up.

10. They eventually make up, though, and Drunk Ron is and will always be the best Ron.