What’s On Tonight: A Hole In Your Heart Where ‘Justified’ Once Resided

04.17.12 7 years ago 15 Comments

What was once one of the best nights of the week for television with “Justified,” “Southland,” and “Parenthood” is kind of a wasteland. But at least there’s still …

Cougar Town (ABC) — Despite the midseason debut, the scheduling problems, and the paltry ratings, “Cougar Town” has never been better than it has this season. Tonight, Susan Blakely — who once played Eva Braun — is set to play Ellie’s sociopathic mom.

New Girl (FOX) — In tonight’s episode, the best new character of the season has a pregnancy scare. NOTE: Failure to pay for the abortion results in $5,000 contribution to the douchebag jar.

Raising Hope (FOX) — In the second season finale, the two-parter concludes with more revelations from “Inside Probe,” the “Inside Edition” knock-off with Nancy Grace, which reminds me a lot of the episode of “Cops” in “My Name Is Earl” that the same showrunner used.

Ummmm … ummmm ….

Storage Wars (A&E) — I’ve never actually seen this show, but I hear it doesn’t make you want to shoot yourself, which is a high compliment for a reality show. There’s a marathon of re-runs on tonight, should you get the notion to introduce yourself to the program.

Ringer (CW) — First season finale. Fun Fact: Sarah Michelle’s first major role was as Erika Kane’s long-lost daughter in “All My Children.” That is in no way an endorsement of “Ringer,” which is not a good show, but it’s a tidbit you might want to drop during your book club when y’all are breaking down 50 Shades of Gray.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Dave and Leno are in reruns; Kimmel has Mark Harmon; Ferguson has two Michaels: Sheen and Ian Black; and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on “The Daily Show.”

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