What’s On Tonight: ‘Good Trouble’ Is Back On Hulu, And ‘The Unicorn’ Gets Awkward

Good Trouble (Freeform series on Hulu) — The Coterie residents continue to juggle life and career and love while understanding that noise and some trouble isn’t a bad thing. This season, Callie’s back while Mariana can’t decide between Raj and Evan. Meanwhile, Malika’s dealing with legal proceedings, and Davia and Dennis look into the future together while Alice is attempting to make her comedy career take off. In other words, all of the drama that fans are accustomed to keeps on cranking.

Here are the rest of tonight’s programming highlights:

The Unicorn (CBS, 9:30pm EST) — Wade gets in too deep when he helps Shannon’s ex-husband find a job, which leads to some unintended developments with Shannon.

Clarice (CBS, 10:00pm EST) — The Silence of the Lambs franchise sees Clarice Starling and her team head to Tennessee to confront “The Statesmen,” a right-wing fringe militia group who are receiving the FBI crackdown treatment.

The Hustler (ABC, 10:00pm EST) — Host Craig Ferguson stands by while contestants compete for money, and “The Hustler” among them keeps doing his or her secretive and enigmatic thing.

In case you missed this recent awesomeness:

Red Dot (Netflix film) — This might be a cautionary tale for people who decide it’s a great idea to rekindle their marriages in the unforgiving wilderness — who knows? For sure, though, this is a claustrophobic tale about what happens when a sadistic killer points a red laser dot into Nadja and David’s tent, and that act sends them fighting for their lives. Naturally, a lot of marriage drama will happen along the way, as they attempt to save themselves in the snowy terrain. I guess couple’s counseling was a no-go, but that’s not nearly as entertaining as escaping into other people’s hell when they find themselves feeling like they’re on the other end of a video-game gun. Also, there’s a dog in this trailer, and nothing had better happen to him, or I’m gonna call for John Wick vengeance.

Squared Love (Netflix film) — This romcom follows a teacher who’s moonlighting as a model, all to pay off some debt, but then she meets a womanizer/journalist, who’s being blackmailed to appear in some advertisements. They become worst enemies, and we can probably guess (given the whole romcom thing) how these two will proceed, right?

Haute Dog: Season 1C (HBO Max series) — Admit it, you want to watch dogs being styled by competitive groomers and then watch those dogs strut their stuff, right? In this series, those groomers go head-to-tail for “Best in Show” and $10,000 prize, all while transforming K-9s into K-10s. With this batch of episodes, we’ll see a disco dog and a fairy-tale theme, and of course, we could use some safari and superhero dogs. This show is sure to take your mind off everything stressful because no one can hate on dazzling “trans-fur-mations,” right? Woof.