What’s on Tonight: MMJ on VD

The Vampire Diaries (CW) — Fall finale. Formerly credible band My Morning Jacket play a high school’s homecoming dance. No less believable than vampires, I suppose.

Vietnam in HD (History) — The final two episodes — “A Changing War” and “Peace with Honor” — conclude the series. I can’t wait to watch this entire series tomorrow during Veterans Day. And even though I’m taking the day off, don’t worry: Danger Guerrero will be in to give you some corgis and a weekend preview.

Community (NBC) — I saw something really cool on Tumblr that compared last week’s gay-riffic episode to one of Stefon’s clubs on “Saturday Night Live.” “The city’s hottest club is COMMUNITY. It has everything: Blogons. Wet wipes. A guy dressed like Tron. Fabulous cross-dressing phenomenon Urbana Champagne. Black Hitler. And what’s that in the corner? Is that Inspector Spacetime? No. It’s an astronaut making paninis. The first 500 people through the door get an ivory toupee.” (Tonight’s episode: Annie moves in with Abed and Troy.)

Thursday Night Football (NFL Network) — Raiders at Chargers. There’s gonna be a live-blog at KSK, but I’m going to miss it because I’ve got tickets to Louis C.K.’s show tonight. Happy birthday to me, bitches.

Braxton Family Values (We) — Season 2 premiere. I didn’t even realize Toni Braxton had a reality show with her four sisters (Tamar, Traci, Trina, and Towanda).

Beavis and Butt-Head (MTV) — Get some TP for your bunghole, because Beavis’s alter ego the Great Cornholio returns in tonight’s episode. When I was 15, I laughed so hard from the “bunghole” line that I cried. I regret nothing.