What’s On Tonight: The Final ‘Community’ (For Now), and Other Stuff

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12.08.11 38 Comments

Community (NBC) – Well, duh. If you’re looking to satisfy your “Community” fix, jam this into your veins: I wrote an article for Splitsider called “58 Reasons Why I Love Community.” And by “wrote,” I mean I took screen caps and pointed out one thing I enjoyed from every single episode. I wonder how they’re going to handle my Annie and Britta (and Troy…)-related objectifying over there?

Wipeout (ABC) – Which is worse? “Winter Wipeout: Deck the Balls.” Or…

Whitney (NBC) – “Christmas Is Cumming,” about Whitney and Alex (who looks like a less interesting mix of Martin Starr and Kevin Corrigan) not wanting to spend time with their families during the holidays?

Dawn of the Nazis (National Geographic Channel) – What better way to celebrate “Infamy Day” than with a new series about the rise of the Nazis. Episode #1: “Becoming Hitler.” Spoiler alert, he didn’t like the Jews much.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) – The Gang attends their high school reunion. I really liked “Underage Drinking: A National Concern” (and had Alphaville’s “Forever Young” stuck in my head for a week after it aired), so I have high hopes for this one, too.

Late-Night Guests: Kevin Nealon stares at Charlize Theron for an uncomfortably long time during Blitzen Trapper’s set on Letterman; the world shrugs at Katie Couric, Chris D’Elia, and Matisyahu on Leno; Ralph Fiennes and Gym Class Heroes remember feeling guilty about thinking Shailene Woodley was hot in The Descendants; Ed Gillespie discusses the horror of counseling former-President Bush on The Daily Show; Jack Abramoff, not Kevin Spacey, appears on The Colbert Report; and Blink-182 dedicates “All the Small Things” to Jeremy Piven on Conan.

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