What’s The Best Way To Watch ‘Kaleidoscope’ On Netflix?

Towards the end of last year, Netflix arrived with an announcement for the platform’s upcoming series Kaleidoscope. News about the show quickly proved that it would much different than anything that viewers watched on most platforms. Kaleidoscope is a brand new anthology series on Netflix that follows a crew of masterful thieves who aim to crack into a seemingly unbreakable vault to gain their biggest payday ever (throwback to Money Heist). It’s loosely based on the real-life story of seventy billion dollars in bonds going missing in downtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. The special aspect of Kaleidoscope is that it allowed viewers to watch the series’ eight episodes in any order. While that certainly intrigued viewers, it also begged the question: What’s the best way to watch Kaleidoscope?

The best way to watch Kaleidoscope would be in near-chronological order, which goes as follows:

  • “Violet” (24 Years Before the Heist)
  • “Green” (7 Years Before the Heist)
  • “Yellow” (6 Weeks Before The Heist)
  • “Orange” (3 Weeks Before the Heist)
  • “Blue” (5 Days Before the Heist)
  • “Red” (The Morning After the Heist)
  • “Pink” (6 Months After)
  • “White” (The Heist)

The only episode that is out of chronological order is “White” as that is meant to be the last episode watched in the series regardless of how it is viewed. However, it will still make sense if you slide “White” in between episodes “Blue” and “Red.” The ending may be a bit anticlimactic compared to the previously mentioned order if you watch it this way.

‘Kaleidoscope’ is streaming now on Netflix.