When Is ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Coming Back?

When last we saw the Curb Your Enthusiasm version of Larry David, he had somehow gotten into some farcical mess involving Trump-Ukraine scandal hero Alexander Vindman, as himself. It won’t be the last time we see him, nor will it take as long as it sometimes does for David to bang out another season. But when is Curb coming back?

The answer is not yet known. What is known is that Season 12 of the show, which began with the special all the way back in 1999, just kicked off filming, as per longtime supporting player J.B. Smoove, who plays Larry’s roommate Leon. Smoove shared a minute-long video on his Instagram feed featuring David, Jeff Garlin (now freed of The Goldbergs), Susie Essman, and others chilling on set.

“We’re all back on the set doing our f*cking thing,” Smoove said. After he tries to shill for his stand-up tour, he then gets heckled by David, prompted the two to hurl insults back and forth, all while Smoove continues to promote his non-Curb activities instead of the show.

There was actually reason to worry that there would be no more Curb after its eleventh season. Over the summer, showrunner Jeff Schaffer revealed that they came awfully close to killing off David’s alter ego. They even shot that ending.

“So Larry kept falling into that pool without the fence and banging his head [for the scene],” Schaffer said. “We actually have a shot after he’d fallen in, of the still pool with just the envelope floating in the middle, and maybe adding one bubble. . . We shot as if it was going to be the last one ever. I had to at least prepare for it.”

Whenever Curb returns, it will have to be as entertaining as the real-life Larry David, who’s not above screaming in public at Trump defender Alan Dershowitz.