Where Have You Seen The Cast Of ‘Veep’ Before?

The second season of Veep is set to return on Sunday night, and if you’re watching Game of Thrones already, do yourself a damn favor and stick around for one of the funniest, most vicious comedies on television. From the mind of Armando Iannucci — who created the most iconic hurler of profanities in British television history, The Thick Of It’s Malcolm Tucker — Veep follows another foul-mouthed politician, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Vice President Selina Meyer as she deals with the f***-ups of her and her staff’s own making. It is hilarious, and I PROMISE you that you will learn all sorts of creative new insults. Plus, people in the current Vice President’s office love the show.

We’re going to hit the coverage hard in the coming weeks, because we really want you to check out the show, if you haven’t already. Reid Scott and Matt Walsh will be by for Q&As, and we’ll begin our weekly coverage of the show after Sunday night’s episode. Do check back. In the meantime, to get your juices flowing, here’s a quick glance at the cast of Veep, and where we might have seen them in the past.

Julia Louis Dreyfus — OK. We all know Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfeld, her short stint on Saturday Night Live, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. BUT, did you know that she was also in The Art of Nick, a spin-off series of Family Ties, centered Mallory’s old boyfriend, Nick, although the series was a prequel, i.e., about Nick BEFORE he met the Keatons. The show was cancelled after the pilot aired. You have to jump ahead to the 5:20 mark to see Dreyfus.

Anna Chlumsky — Most people know Chlumsky was the little girl in the heartbreaking My Girl, and the not-so-good My Girl 2. But the reason she likely landed the gig on Veep is that she had a very similar role on the amazing In the Loop, the movie based on Armando Iannucci’s The Thick Of It, which was essentially the British version of Veep. You can see the character similarities in this clip from In the Loop.

Tony Hale — We all know Hale from Arrested Development, and all the guest appearances and bit roles he’s had in movies, which flowed out of his AD popularity. Before Arrested Development? Not much, but he WAS in an episode of Dawson’s Creek. He played Dr. Bronin.

Reid Scott — Scott, who will be here on Monday for a Q&A with UPROXX, was on the TBS sitcom My Boys, with Jordan Spiro. I actually never saw it, despite the fact that it ran for four seasons. I heard modestly good things about it, though. Scott has been bouncing around TV for about a decade.

Timothy Simons — Before Veep, Simons doesn’t have much to speak of (he was “Tall Guy” in an episode of that very short-lived NBC sitcom, Best Friends Forever. BUT, Simons has been cast in Ivan Reitman’s next project, Draft Day, which was just announced yesterday. It’s about 24-hours in the day in the life of the GM for the fledgling Cleveland Browns as he tries to pull off nabbing the #1 pick. Simons will play the overbearing scout of the Browns.

Matt Walsh — Walsh will ALSO soon be with us for a Q&A. He was in a lot before Veep, although he’s probably most recognizable from Outsourced, or OF COURSE Reno 911! and several other television projects that have splintered off from Upright Citizens Brigade. Me? I like to remember his best as this guy, from Community.

Sufe Bradshaw — Bradshaw, who plays Sue Wilson on Veep, is a relative newcomer. She had a blink-and-you’ll-miss it role as a cadet alien on Star Trek.