Which of These Six Shows Would You Most Want to See on AMC?

During a recent AMC pilot presentation, in which hopeful writers and producers laid out plans for their shows to the network’s Powers That be, “six scripts [were] identified…as the strongest pilot contenders,” according to Deadline. TOLD also got a bit of information about each series. After the jump, I’ve ranked the series on how badly I’d want them on AMC, from the least to most interesting sounding.

One note: It’s not a guarantee any of these series from the program will go to pilot (none did last year), but, says Deadline, “The year before, when the showcase was introduced for the first time, the script for “Hell on Wheels” was among the finalists.” So you never know. Here they are.

#6. Chris Mundy‘s “Low Winter Sun,” an adaptation of the New Zealand Gothic murder mystery series

Sounds like “The Killing,” so NEXT.

#5. Jason Cahill‘s “F/V Mean Tide,” about a Maine lobster fishing family

Aren’t there already 67 shows with this exact premise on the Discovery Channel? Jason Cahill does have the “Fringe” background going for him, though.

#4. Craig Silverstein‘s “Turn,” about George Washington’s spy ring

The Culper Ring helped take down the original Benedict Arnold, Benedict Arnold, so it’s an interesting topic. But I’d like to see AMC stay in the present, considering they already have two “historical” shows.

#3. Richard LaGravenese‘s “Philly Lawyer,” about a law student

“PHILLY JUSTICE”??? Alternate title: “The Danger Guerrero Story.”

#2. Jake Paltrow & Robbie Kinberg‘s “Crystal Pines,” about a journalist who signs up for a cloning experiment

It’s no “Dog with a Blog,” but I’m a sucker for TV shows about journalists, like, um, “Sex and the City” and “The Lone Gunmen”…OK, so maybe I like the IDEA of TV shows about journalists.

#1. Kerry Williamson‘s “Sacred Games,” an epic story of crime and punishment in modern Mumbai based on the novel by Vikram Chandra.

The book is nearly 1,000 pages long (plenty of material) and India is a fascinating, essentially untapped setting for a TV show. Plus, the plot – having to do with a Sikh member of the Mumbai police force and an Indian gangster – sounds intriguing. This show should happen.

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