‘The White Lotus’ Viewers Are Already Pulling For A Character To Crossover (In A Specific Location) For Season 3

(SPOILERS from The White Lotus will be found below.)

HBO’s The White Lotus delivered a crushing blow when it killed off the crossover character from Season 1. That would be, of course, Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya, who managed to kill her would-be murderers but then bit the dust anyway. This was shocking and upsetting and a perfect twist from Mike White. The Gays got what they deserved after zeroing in on Tanya in order to help Quentin’s “cowboy” and nab that money for themselves. By the way, it sure looks like Greg’s gonna get that payout anyway. Let’s forget about that for the moment, though, because fans are already thinking about Season 3.

People really would like to see more of Daphne. Ideally, they’d like to see her without Cameron, perhaps with her trainer/probable baby daddy in tow. Or with Harper, so they can have a proper girls’ vacation. Speaking of Harper, I’m conflicted over how she and Ethan are seemingly alright now. They finally had sex after Ethan punched the hell out of Cameron, and Ethan and Daphne had a spooky conversation, during which it seemed as though he wasn’t long for this world. Admit it, you thought Daphne could be luring Ethan into murderland in the below moment, right?

The White Lotus

Both Daphne and Ethan turned out to be fine, but this made Daphne even more interesting than she was already shaping up to be. She had advice for Ethan that may have hit home and worked some magic. According to Daphne (Meghann Fahy crushed this subtle yet telling scene), maybe you don’t need to know everything about your SO in order to love them. Maybe a little bit of mystery is good. And she’s happy with pretending all is well, but there’s more underneath the surface that could further roll out in this universe. And that Maldives mention? Yep.

Make it happen, Mike White.

The White Lotus season finale is streaming on HBO Max.