‘The White Lotus’ Fans Are Desperately Trying To Recover From The Crushing Blow Of That Shocking Season Finale

(SPOILERS from The White Lotus will be found below.)

HBO’s The White Lotus will return for a third season, but first, we’re going to need to heal from the second season finale. No, this doesn’t involve the cast wising up and finally eating at an offsite restaurant. And no, Ethan didn’t kill anyone, and Aubrey Plaza made good on her promise that Harper is disgusted by Cameron. Rather, a major fan theory was correct. Tanya was being lured to death by The Gays, and party favor paramour and the camera were definitely a part of that hot mess.

Tanya wised up by the end and tried to save herself. She did succeed at saving herself from Quentin and the gang, and in fact, she killed most of them. Thank god! Sadly enough, though, she couldn’t land in a lifeboat without taking herself out. It was sad! But it could have been worse. I feel like she went out on her own terms. We don’t know what will happen with Cowboy Greg, or whether he’ll get her money, but at least Tanya gave Quentin and Co. what they deserved. However, Tanya’s a fan favorite character, so viewers are understandably upset. The “you got this” was slightly heartbreaking!



The White Lotus season finale is streaming on HBO Max.