‘The White Lotus’ Included A Don’t-Blink-Or-You’ll-Miss-It Detail That Puts A Twist On A Popular Fan Theory

(Spoilers for The White Lotus will be found below.)

Last week, a The White Lotus fan theory suggested that Tanya could be the subject of a devious plot by Quentin’s fabulously gay gang. It followed that they could be zeroing in on her money, and that Greg might somehow be involved, which sure made Tanya’s during-sex vision — of him having “dead/shark” eyes and being surrounded by dudes with “effeminate hairstyles” — seem dead-on. Could her life be in danger in addition to being ripped off? Perhaps. In this week’s episode, a mysterious and telling photo surely confirmed that Greg was the cowboy that had once captured Quentin’s heart.

This led to a mountain of coke consumed by Tanya in Palermo, where she was Quentin’s (dubious) guest of honor, and he set her up with the sexy Italian “party-favor”/drug dealer guy, who whisked her into a bedroom and distracted the audience with his full-frontal display. If one was too distracted, it was possible to miss this detail in the background: the bright-red glow of a camera recording the ongoing seduction.

(I don’t know how easy it is to miss, though: this is a seriously bright camera.)

This could present both bad news and good news for Tanya. Yes, she’s in danger, but how much danger, exactly? It looks like Quentin aims to capture footage to invalidate Greg and Tanya’s prenup, and that would help Quentin’s cash-poor situation. However, Tanya isn’t exactly unaware of something being afoot. Granted, she is all coked up, and she’s still, you know, Tanya. Yet she stumbled in on Quentin and his “nephew” getting it on, so she already knew that something wasn’t as it seems. And that cowboy photo, coupled with her earlier sex-vision, could certainly gel in her mind before things go too far with Mr. Full Frontal.

One would hope that Tanya makes the connection at the final moment and whips out a dagger from underneath that flouncy dress that Quentin praised. Alright, so that last hope surely isn’t possible, but a girl can dream because Portia and her newfound knowledge (due to Jack’s pre-blackout ramblings) won’t be able to ride in and save the day.

The White Lotus airs on Sunday nights on HBO.