Who Is Cara Delevingne, And Why Is She About To Be In Everything?

She’s been called the “only true modern supermodel” and “the face of the decade,” so we’re about to see a whole more of Cara Delevingne. The 21-year-old British model is to now as Kate Moss was to the 1990s, except with a widely popular Instagram account, and to quote a profile in New York, “In an age of the fastidiously styled and perfectly ­presented model, Delevingne offers ­something gloriously weird.” Meaning, she’s the type of gal who, after being named Model of the Year, called it a “Zoolander moment.” She’s been fashion world famous since 2010, but like so many models before her, she’s now giving this whole acting thing a shot, and will soon make her TV debut in Playhouse Presents: Timeless.

It’s time to learn some things about her.

1. Her bushy eyebrows are her widely popular trademark, so much so that she “inspired a massive increase in the number of women looking to fill in their sparse eyebrows with a transplant.”

2. She was born into privilege in London. “Her mother, Pandora, was an 80s It girl before she married Charles Delevingne, whose viscount grandfather was once part of Princess Margaret’s Mustique set.” If you checked out after the name “Pandora,” I don’t blame you.

3. She’s, um, really good friends with Michelle Rodriguez.

4. Outside of her role in Playhouse Presents: Timeless, Cara can be seen in Joe Wright’s 2012 adaptation of Anna Karenina, and she’ re-teamed with Wright for Pan, which is due out next year and co-stars Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara. She also voiced a Radio DJ in Grand Theft Auto V.

5. She owns a rabbit, Cecil, and he has his own Instagram account with 100,000 Followers.

6. Remember when Kate Upton did the Dougie and became a superstar? Well, this video’s a bit like that, except it’s the “Harlem Shake,” and instead of Upton, you’ve got Cara with fellow pretty people Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner. (2013 was a really f*cking weird year.)

7. She was in a band when she was 12, and still occasionally drums.

8. She’s basically friends with everyone, from Aaron Paul to Jessica Chastain.

9. She is not shy about posing semi-nude.

10. I could mention her obsession with onesies or her cocaine scandal, but she’s a model — of course she’s been embroiled in a cocaine scandal. Instead, here’s a photo of Cara with Emma Watson.