Who Tries To Kill Tommy In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

In 50 Cent’s latest Power spin-off, Power Book IV: Force, Tommy Egan is at the forefront of everything. A move from New York City to Chicago finds Tommy in pursuit of one thing and one thing only: money. Tommy’s refusal to back down from anything that tries to stop him from making money earns him a few enemies in the Windy City. As a result, within the first five episodes of the first season of Power Book IV: Force, someone tries to kill Tommy, but their attempt was successful. But who was it?

Who Tries To Kill Tommy In ‘Power?’

Towards the end of the episode, Tommy is once again toe-to-toe with the Serbian Mafia after he tracks them down to rescue Liliana, who was kidnapped by them. As Tommy and the Serbs are ready to come to blows, a black SUV drives by and fires shots in Tommy’s direction. Luckily for Tommy, they missed and hit Liliana instead, but she too will survive. The final moments of the episode show Jenard burning the same black SUV, proving that it was most likely him who fired at Tommy.

It appears that Jenard tried to kill Tommy as revenge for his best friend Elijah, played by Jeremih, dying during a mission to kill members of the Serbian Mafia.

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