Who Was The Most Valuable Cast Member Of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

09.10.12 6 years ago 58 Comments

As a kid who only had antennae for TV, my programming choices were limited. There was always PBS, usually ABC, sometimes NBC and randomly CBS. Besides that, the other choices were VHS copies of Space Jam, Toy Story and Babe, but one can only watch that trio of movies so many times. When I outgrew PBS kids’ programming, I started watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? At that time, I knew nothing about its history as a British program or any of the people who were on it. Hell, I only understood half of the jokes on a good day. It was the only choice I had amid the static oblivion, but I didn’t mind.

A couple years into high school, our part of New Hampshire had finally become technologically developed enough to get cable TV. All right, I’m probably exaggerating. The technology was probably already there, but with so few houses on my street, it wasn’t profitable for the cable company to run lines up there unless more households became customers. Either way, with the introduction of cable to my house, I cast away my long friendship with Whose Line and watched all this new programming at my disposal.

After realizing that a lot of the stuff I watched was crap, I decided to revisit Whose Line through the magic of Youtube. Some very dedicated users have created great compilations of jokes and certain games (Scenes From A Hat, Props) that can kill so much time. I’d link them, but I’m too afraid of being responsible for getting them removed. You can find them easily by yourself.

After watching a bunch of these videos, it led to a debate (with myself) as to who was the best person on Whose Line. It was easy to narrow it down to the big three regulars — Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady — but it became much more difficult to choose just one out of those three. We could go with point totals, but they don’t matter (Side note: While putting together this post, I found a website that tallied up all the Whose Line points. I don’t know if this person should admired or institutionalized). Here is my attempt to outline the strengths of each player and come to a conclusion as to the best. I expect disagreement, but I think you might agree with me that no answer is wrong. That’s not a cop-out, though. I DID choose one person.

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