'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' Is Returning This Summer With The Full Cast And Aisha Tyler

Yesterday, we told you about Colin Mochrie’s mysterious Whose Line is coming back” tweet, which perked the interest of fans of using props not for their intended purpose everywhere. Also, singing while drinking, something no one had ever done before Ryan Stiles did it. We had no idea if he was telling the truth, or making us unwillingly participate in the second worst Whose Line game yet (right after Two Line Vocabulary), until the news was confirmed later in the evening by The CW…if you know what I mean. Actually, that’s pretty straightforward.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which had a successful eight-season run on ABC, is coming back to American television, this time on the CW. The network has picked up a new take on the British format to air this summer. Comedian Aisha Tyler, co-host of The Talk, which airs on the CW sibling CBS, will host…Returning are Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, who starred on the ABC series. (Via)

Not that I ever respected Deadline, but if I ever had, it would now be gone — AISHA TYLER IS ARCHER‘S LANA KANE, NOT CO-HOST OF THE TALK. *breathes into a paper bag, which can also be used as the world’s smallest pyramid* Apologies. Anyway, the show’s three best improvisers are returning, but what about musicians Laura Hall and Linda Taylor? It’s time we reignite the, “So…are they, y’know…lovers?” national debate.