Norman Reedus Still Doesn’t Know Why Howard Stern Won’t Have Him On His Show (But Jon Bernthal Has A Theory)

Norman Reedus stopped by Jon Bernthal‘s podcast to catch up with his old pal and reminisce about their days working together on The Walking Dead. During the REAL ONES episode, the two recalled getting up early to drive to the Atlanta set of the zombie series and listening to Howard Stern the whole way there. Apparently, Reedus is a huge fan of the shock jock, but that appreciation has been a one way street.

“He still won’t have me on his show,” Reedus said. “I don’t know why!”

However, Bernthal wasn’t letting Reedus off the hook. The Punisher actor argued that Reedus “knows full well” why Stern doesn’t like him, and it could have everything to do with the radio host’s wife. Via Comic Book:

The two actors have a friendly argument about the time they were at some kind of premiere event, and Reedus got seated next to Howard Stern and his wife, actress/model/author/activist Beth Ostrosky Stern. While Bernthal makes it seem like Reedus and Ostrosky hit it off maybe a little too well, Reedus insists that they only bonded over their shared love of cats (the Sterns foster hundreds of cats in their home on Long island every year), and that was it. Nonetheless, Bernthal points out that Stern was clearly bothered by the encounter, and talked about it “for like two hours” on his show.

But, wait, there’s more. Reedus also did a promotional drop for Stern’s show, and The Walking Dead star reportedly didn’t bring his A-game. Stern noticed the lackluster effort and made it a point to comment about it on the air. So while it seems like Reedus won’t be on the show anytime soon, there’s also the potential for one heck of an episode if he gets to make things right with Howard. That could be the hook to finally making Reedus’ dream of being a Stern guest come true.

(Via Comic Book)