Trump Has Fired Back At His Old Pal Howard Stern, Whose Show He Claims Has ‘Gone To Hell’

Howard Stern and Donald Trump used to be buds. They were two powerful, cocky New York guys who liked to publicly talk about sex and how successful they were (or, in Trump’s case, how successful he claimed to be). Then the big guy had to go and run for president. Stern, who describes himself as a “normal conservative,” has never shied away from trashing the stupid, destructive turn Trump’s life took. It’s frankly unbelievable that the infamously thin-skinned Trump hasn’t returned fire more often, though that’s what he did on Saturday.

“I have been noticing the fact that Howard Stern’s show has gone to Hell, and so few people are listening—Used to be great, now it rates less than fair,” Trump wrote on his rinky-dink Twitter clone. “It’s a sad thing to watch. When he loved ‘Trump,’ it was ‘hot,’ when he decided to go with Crooked Hillary, his ratings world collapsed. Can’t believe they pay him so much money, but I hope he gets it!”

Stern doesn’t just go after Trump. He’s no fan of his supporters either, or what’s left of them these days. Last fall he called the MAGA crowd a “nation of nincompoops,” saying, “Their freedoms have never really been threatened and they have no idea what it would be like to live under a different type of system other than democracy. And they don’t get it. They are morons. They think somehow that the world would be better under a guy like Trump.”

He then offered some advice to put things in perspective: “You should go live in Russia, all you f*ckers out there.”

Trump’s not doing so hot these days, but he is still technically running for president, even if it seems like he’s not. Will Stern make good on a threat he made in 2021 and run against him in 2024? Wilder things have happened.

(Via Mediaite)