Why The Death Of A Nobody Character May Prove Pivotal To The Plot Of ‘True Detective’

07.07.15 4 years ago 38 Comments

I may have had a lot of annoyances with this week’s episode of True Detective (20 annoyances, to be exact), but I will not deny that underneath the convoluted plot, some overwrought writing, and some irritating character tropes, there is quite a compelling mystery brewing. Who killed Ben Caspere, i.e., who is the Bird Killer, is the major question mark this season, but there’s another murder mystery that may ultimately prove pivotal.

Who is Stan? That’s a question I spent some time trying to figure out after the third episode of True Detective aired, but now I have another question, the one posed by Vince Vaughn’s character, Frank Semyon:



What does Stan mean to anybody?

Well, Frank thinks someone was trying to send him a message by killing Stan, the message being that he’s “diminished.” Frank proved them wrong by beating the hell out of Danny Santos and removing his “F*ck You” grill. And if anyone was trying to send Frank a message that they were coming after him, who would that even be?

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