Why Yes, Cam Gigandet Will Gladly Talk Trash About His Former Castmates From ‘The O.C.’

Twilight alum Cam Gigandet has a new CBS legal drama premiering on June 29. It’s called Reckless and it is the proud owner of the funniest, most-focused-grouped plot description I can ever remember reading. (His character is “a liberal Renaissance man” who moved down south, and who “surfs, loves skateboarding and hip-hop but also fishes, hunts and collects guns.” Obviously) It will probably be a gigantic hit.

To promote this new show, Gigandet is making the rounds on the interview circuit, including a sit-down with Elle for a feature called “Hot Guy/Cold Drink.” At one point the discussion turned to his time on The O.C. as noted douchebag surf villain Kevin Volchok, specifically his relationship — or lack thereof — with his former castmates. The big pull quotes from the interview have been Gigandet saying Gotham star Ben McKenzie was “kind of mean” to him and “a little bit of an ass” (MAYBE HE WAS METHOD ACTING, VOLCHOK) and that the show’s young stars “were f*cking miserable” and “would not remember their lines on purpose,” which, I mean, yeah. As far as gossip-y attention grabbers go, that’ll do it.

But the lowest blow of the interview was this, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment.

What about Mischa Barton?

Mischa? I didn’t really … Was she there? I don’t even have memories of her.

See, the funny thing here is that his character had a multi-episode romantic relationship with Barton’s character, Marissa (that ended when he cheated on her at the prom and stole all the money for the prom after-party, which led to Ryan beating the hell out of him, which led to him blackmailing Ryan into committing a robbery with him, because The O.C. was insane and the best), and was responsible for Marissa’s death when he drunkenly ran the car she was in off the road. So either Gigandet is biting his tongue about her to be diplomatic — which seems unlikely considering the trash he talked about everyone else, and the fact that a solid chunk of the interview is about his porn-viewing habits — or Mischa Barton made such an unlasting impression on him that he has no recollection of making out with her multiple times and killing off the only character of substance she has ever played in her entire career.

tl;dr – burn