Will Ferrell Reveals That Bill O’Reilly Was ‘A Real Sourpuss’ During #SNL40

Will Ferrell made his entrance on Tuesday night’s Late Show donned in his best leprechaun outfit to the sound of “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” It was the perfect intro for a Ferrell interview that was made even better by the inclusion of some SNL stories, particularly one from #SNL40.

It’s not a big one like Norm Macdonald’s story about Eddie Murphy, but it’s worth a chuckle. Apparently, Bill O’Reilly was in attendance and stuck out like a sore thumb because he looked like this while the entire audience was laughing at Steve Martin’s introduction:


I assume he didn’t like Jon Lovitz getting broadsided with those death jokes. Something you can read all about in Killing Lovitz: How SNL Thugs Kill a Nation’s Greatest Comedic Voice.

(Via The Late Show)