Will Forte Is ‘Such A Puss’ In This Blooper Reel From ‘The Last Man On Earth’

Despite my stance that it’s the funniest new show on television, and perhaps just the thing we needed to fill the void left by Parks and Recreation, ratings aren’t exactly spectacular for The Last Man on Earth. After a solid debut, the numbers have declined each week*, and that needs to stop because this show is wonderful and should be loved by everyone. It should help that the upcoming episode, “Dunk the Skunk,” is going to feature a new twist that will certainly make Phil Miller’s life a little more interesting. But I won’t spoil that twist, as long as you and millions of other people promise to start watching, okay?

How much fun is it for Will Forte, Kristen Schaal and January Jones to film this clever series about Joe Every Schlub somehow being the titular Last Man on Earth? Above is a blooper reel for last week’s episode, “Sweet Melissa,” that lets us all in on the fun of Jones’ talking boobs. And here’s a little sneak peak at “Dunk the Skunk,” because you’ve been good boys and girls today.

*It’ll probably be renewed, though.